FF-fig-smallFlying Ferret
Real Name: “Al Terigo”
Occupation: Former manager of O’Connell’s fast food restaurant

First Appearance: Issue #1
The Flying Ferret’s past is still unclear, what is known, by his own recollection was that he was a 98 lb. weakling named “Al Terigo” who idolized superheroes, and wished to be like them.  The Flying Ferret’s powers came to him in an unusual way when out of the blue, a winged ferret bit him on the chin.  The winged ferret was actually the transformed Prince Magimus of Lady X’s world, acting erratically due his bizarre transformation.   After being bitten, Al felt the winged ferret’s “venom” coursing through his body. Fearing for his life, but inexplicably had no method of transportation and no means of communicating for help, gathered up the catatonic winged ferret in a shoe box and set out for the nearest town for help.

On his way to Megothamopolis, Al collapsed in fits of extreme pain, his body contorting and growing into the muscled body of the Flying Ferret.  Al became unconscious, and when he awoke, he could not remember where he came from or family or much at all about his past other than his name.
It is not clear where and how Flying Ferret went from that point, but eventually he got himself a place to live, a costume, a job and took on the alternate identity of the Flying Ferret, seeking “evil” throughout the city.

One of Flying Ferret’s first altercations came when he sought a jet for himself.  He contacted the Winged Stryker, a World War II veteran superhero.  Flying Ferret bought the dismantled jet (and its limitless energy source) from the reluctant Winged Stryker.  Flying Ferret intended to rebuild the jet as the “Ferret Jet.”  It was on this trip that Flying Ferret encountered the Albino Minotaur at a farm the villain took over.  At first, the Albino Minotaur mistook the Flying Ferret from the back as his brother, Captain Bear Naked.  To say the least, Flying Ferret defeated the Albino Minotaur in a staggering methane explosion.

Upon returning to Megothamopolis, Flying Ferret began his career as a vigilante.  Flying Ferret has had as many tense encounters with other vigilantes as he has had with super villains.  One of his firsts was with the Silkworm-Man who tried to kick Flying Ferret out of a perch on top of a building.  Flying Ferret punched  Silkworm-Man, sending him to the hospital.

Flying Ferret frequented Edgar Allen Poe park, like a lot of other superheroes, although it was probably because of the chronic sunbathers out there.  There, he inadvertently stumbled onto an old man who insulted him.  Flying Ferret was about to pound the frail oldster into the sidewalk when a talking pigeon, who was actually the shape-shifting superhero named Morpho, informed Flying Ferret that the old man was actually the golden age superhero—Captain Wondrous.  Incredulous, Flying Ferret received advice from the old man, most of which he disregarded.

Flying Ferret’s third encounter was with Captain Bear Naked who Bee-O-Tron mistook for Flying Ferret.  Bee-O-Tron’s minions asked for Flying Ferret’s help to rescue him from Captain Bear Naked.  Flying Ferret did indeed honor his superhero code and rescued the fledgling super villain and defeated Captain Bear Naked, sending skittering off into the underbrush with his cape and cowl as Flying Ferret’s trophy.  Of course, this started a reputation for Flying Ferret and he was chastised by Mr. Superior for attacking other superheroes.
Flying Ferret continued to seek out evil, which led him to Laughtor when a massive, city-wide circus tent landed on top of him.  As Flying Ferret climbed up face Laughtor and his crew, he began to hear voices in his head.  At first, Flying Ferret tried to ignore the voices, but their bickering interfered with his sneaking up on Laughtor and he was caught, getting himself knocked out of the clown-head blimp.
Flying Ferret was embarrassed by his defeat, decided to take one of the old man’s advice.  He decided to get a sidekick.  Flying Ferret went to Sidekick, Inc., where he met Blue Bow who was waiting for his own sidekick to come out of consoling.  Flying Ferret filled out the paperwork, paid with his SuperCard and received his first Spunky model sidekick.  This turned badly when his sidekick kicked him off a rooftop into the midst of the nefarious Dead End Gang.

During his beating, Spunky took a “mandatory” 15 minute break, and Flying Ferret met General Public who offered his help, but Flying Ferret refused it as he thought Spunky should return “any minute.”  Flying Ferret finally worked himself into a rage when he thought it was the Dead End Gang who gave Spunky a “tummy ache.”  Seeing Flying Ferret’s heroic rebound, Spunky decided he would become the best sidekick there ever was, but his change of heart was quickly ended when he was struck down by a truckload of light bulbs.  Later, at Spunk y I’s funeral, Cyd Piker’s mother swore revenge on  Flying Ferret for her son’s death.

Flying Ferret returned home, beaten and exhausted, and fell immediately to sleep.  He dreamed about the exploits of fictional hero, John Thrust, but woke up when he was tempted by “commercial sell-out.”

The voices in Flying Ferret’s head turned out to be aliens who were seeking out Flying Ferret’s help to save their world of Spamvar, and their technology, though the reception was lousy, showed Flying Ferret was their savior, but they needed certain signs to prove that it was indeed the Flying Ferret.

The aliens followed Flying Ferret around town on his errands, trying to convince him to help them.  One of Flying Ferret’s errands was to pick up some ammunition and parts for his Ferret-Jet.  The Weaponsmith custom built these parts and ammo for Flying Ferret and realized what the Flying Ferret possessed. He made offers to buy it, but Flying Ferret did not take him on it.

It was on these errands that not only followed by the organization known as The Peepers, who kept tabs on as many augmented heroes they possibly could, but was also spotted by the super heroine known as Lady X.  When the Peepers moved in closer to catch up with Flying Ferret, they collided with probes sent out by Weaponsmith to stalk the Flying Ferret.
The aliens still weren’t convince that the Flying Ferret was their planet’s savior, so they sent a snarvagor, a vicious warrior creature from their own planet, which ultimately destroyed the tailor shop where Flying Ferret not only got his costumes repaired and cleaned, but picked up martial arts tips from former Canadian Secret agent, Pierre Marchand and his daughter.   The resultant battle completely leveled the tailor shop.

The alien who would become known as D.J. (much to his and Flying Ferret’s chagrin) was made to stay with the Flying Ferret to observe him.  Flying Ferret made DJ stay in his broom closet so that the landlady wouldn’t find out.  Though, she suspected with the loud TV noises and walking around above her.

While DJ was rendered catatonic by Earth television transmissions, Flying Ferret continued his vigilante duties.  On one mission, he came across Lady X, with whom he became instantly smitten. After saving her from her darkling attackers (which only he and she could see), he picked up her X-staff. Despite her warning, the X-staff had no effect on him, other than a slight tingle.  Lady X and Flying Ferret hit it off, and spent the day together.  Finding them together, Weaponsmith, familiar with Lady X’s staff, used it to hone in on Flying Ferret’s location.
While showing Lady X his Ferret-jet, Peepers gained entry into Flying Ferret’s apartment.  The Peepers were forced to hide when DJ was snapped out of his catatonic state. One of the Peepers hid under Flying Ferret’s bed where he had the winged Ferret in a shoebox.  The Peeper opened the box and the winged ferret escaped, frightening her.

Meanwhile, the Weaponsmith sent a robot to take out the Flying Ferret while he took the Ferret-jet.  He was spotted by Lady X, but managed to escape with it.  Flying Ferret battled the robot, and when it grabbed Lady X, he went into a rage and completely decimated it.
Lady X left only to be pulled into the sewers by Wuthufuh, a demonic creature, while Flying Ferret went to deal with the loss of the unlimited power source for his Ferret-jet, which only led him down to the sewers where he found Lady X being used as a sacrifice for Wuthufuh.  Flying Ferret fought what he thought were cult members, but turned out they were police officers and Megothamopolis’ Police Commissioner Grosnik, trying to lure the creature so they could remove it from the earthly plane.  Flying Ferret learned the creature was just a lost creature who could not return home.

After emerging from the sewers, Flying Ferret’s Spunky replacement appeared, ready to assist him in recovering his Ferret-jet from the Weaponsmith.  Since Flying Ferret did not have a replacement cape (giving the other to Lady X to cover herself when her costume was eaten by the Wuthufuh), so he was forced to use the one he took from Captain Bear Naked.

Spunky, DJ and the Flying Ferret went to Weaponsmith’s lair to confront him about the Ferret-jet.  At first, Weaponsmith mistook Flying Ferret for Captain Bear Naked, but then tried to escape.  Flying Ferret was then confronted by Rabid Rabbit (who was also looking for Weaponsmith for different reasons) and the real Captain Bear Naked.  The two groups clashed and Weaponsmith imprisoned them in a para-dimensional beach ball.  Thankfully, they escaped with the aid of the Wuthufuh, but Weaponsmith made his getaway.  However, Spunky II proved his usefulness by analyzing powder from his pants leg, which led them to Mount Bidet.

At Mt. Bidet, Flying Ferret and Rabid Rabid went their separate ways, but not without a payback punch from Rabid Rabbit.  Flying Ferret confronted Weaponsmith in his lair, and relentlessly pursued him into the heart of the volcano which became active.  Flying Ferret captured Weaponsmith and was about to take him in, but the cave collapsed,  but Flying Ferret pushed the Weaponsmith out of harm’s way.  Weaponsmith was about to have a change of heart when more of the ceiling collapsed and Weaponsmith was crushed under the rocks.   Unknown to Flying Ferret, Weaponsmith’s niece, Sally (aka Ms. Armaggedon) came in and found her dying uncle. With his last breath, he said Flying Ferret’s name.  Believing he was responsible for her uncle’s death, she vowed vengeance.

Escaping from the erupting volcano, Flying Ferret tried to leave the scene in his Ferret-jet (which DJ and Spunky rescued from the volcano lair), he found he could not fit into the cockpit of his plane.

With a tip from Weaponsmith on where to find the missing Mr. Superior, Flying Ferret went  out to the local junkyard where the circus tent was hidden with invisibility technology devised by the Weaponsmith.  Accompanied by a new Spunky replacement (since the second Spunky thought Flying Ferret was a bit “too ruthless” in the death of Weaponsmith), they were ambushed by Bruttock, the same minion who knocked Flying Ferret out of the clown head blimp.

When Flying Ferret woke up, he found himself, Pierre Marchand and Spunky III lashed to a circus tent pole.  Flying Ferret could not break the ropes without harming or killing the other two.  Laughtor revealed his plans to use a vicious form of laughing gas on the public.  It was at this point that it was discovered that Spunky III was the same little boy who made Laughtor incapable of laughter.  Spunky III was sprayed with the  laughing gas and went maniacal.  Pierre cleverly got the ropes cut and the three of them took on the circus of crime.   The circus of crime was brought down, but Spunky III ran away, laughing maniacally, never to be seen again.

In the circus tent, Mr. Superior was found alive and well, but a victim of a large collection of Kraptonite that Laughtor had collected.
On his date with Lady X, Flying Ferret had a run-in with Mr. Superior again.  One of Mr. Superior’s companions  gave Flying Ferret Mr. Superior’s cape to wipe dog-poo off his boots.  Incensed, Mr. Superior struck the Flying Ferret with little or no effect, and in return, the Flying Ferret knocked Mr. Superior out of the restaurant—which was one of the signs that the Flying Ferret would be the champion of DJ’s world. (It was later learned that the dog-poo was actually of Krapton origin, rendering Mr. Superior weaker, allowing Flying Ferret to take him down).
That same night, Lady X revealed to Flying Ferret about her past, and seeking her lost prince.  She also pointed out that Flying Ferret’s past was a mysterious, and that he had an incredible likeness to Prince Magimus.  She gave Flying Ferret an ultimatum, if he thought he was her prince, to join her back in the restaurant, but  if he didn’t think he was, to not bother.  As Flying Ferret mulled on this, his powers began to wane, his hand shriveling up.

Flying Ferret rushed back home to “re-infuse” himself with some more winged ferret “venom.”  When he got home, he discovered that the ferret was missing.   The ferret, meanwhile, found Lady X at the restaurant and revealed himself.  The two then returned to their original dimension where, presumably, he has returned to normal, and they’re living their lives out together.

As his powers slowly were slowly fading away, he sought the help of Dawg, Peter Panda and the Kitty Commander (former members of League Of Animal Friends) who now headed up a private investigation agency.  Dawg took on the case, and went to the apartment to pick up the scent, but there, Flying Ferret’s landlady and her cat, mutated by DJ’s extra-dimensional technology, attacked them.  Eventually, the landlady was reverted to normal, although, she was no longer sane.

Flying Ferret completely lost his powers, and some of his memories came back to him, and how he got his powers.  The Flying Ferret, without his powers now, told DJ that he could not be the champion of DJ’s planet, and left.

Flying Ferret sought the help of Plan B, a superhero group  of great knowledge. Through Mr. Gummy bar’s “machine,” they learned that Flying Ferret had para-dimensional particles throughout his body, which gave him his strength and power, but that they were inert.  In an attempt to “reactivate” the particles, Mr. Gummybar opened up a rift to another dimension and the Anahlyst emerged, threatening to take back Reversible Woman with him to create superhuman armies.  Though powerless, Flying Ferret managed to send the Anahlyst back to his dimension (of course, Anahlyst swearing revenge).

Flying Ferret left Plan B, and in an alley, threw his costume into the trash, declaring that he was the Flying Ferret no more.  Flying Ferret went through Edgar Allen Poe Park where he was recognized by the old man/ Captain Wondrous), despite being a 98 lb. weakling again.   The old man encouraged  Al to go to Camp Brillo for help, and even if they couldn’t help him get his powers back, they would certainly make a man out of him.  At this point, Captain Wondrous was approached by three members of the Brigade of Bad.  Watching from the bushes, he saw the old man transform into Captain Wondrous and defeat the three members.  However, upon transforming back, Captain Wondrous suffered a heart attack and died.  Flying Ferret pleaded with the “spirit of justice” to enter him to fight the enemies, but it refusing, glad to be free from the old man.

When the three Brigade members were about to pound Al, believing he was Captain Wondrous’ “protégé,” they were attacked by the Flying Ferret! (See Flying Ferret II).  Al, just as befuddled as the three adversaries at the presence of Flying Ferret, as they had believed that the Flying Ferret was powerless.

Flying Ferret did as Captain Wondrous said, he went to Camp Brillo to seek help.  On the way there, while hiking, he was picked up by a super heroine who called herself “Thunderthighs,” who also sought training at the camp.  At the camp, Major Fitt doubted that the Flying Ferret was who he said he was, especially when he didn’t come in costume.  It was there, that other superheroes began to die one by one.   The group could not escape because of the force field surrounding the camp, so they were forced to enter the labyrinthine subbasement.

At one point, the Flying Ferret fell asleep and dreamed of two strange figures, one explaining to him that he needed to rest, and if he didn’t rest, his powers wouldn’t return, and if he didn’t have his powers, the Flying Ferret would be no good to them.

Awake,  several members were missing, and notably Thunderthighs.  Flying Ferret suspected her of the one responsible for the deaths of the other superheroes.  Thunderthighs immediately revealed herself to be Ms. Armageddon of the Weaponsmith, and that she was exacting revenge on the Flying Ferret.  Ms. Armageddon was stopped, but she teleported before Flying Ferret could capture her.

The Flying Ferret figured he couldn’t do anything about her at the moment, it was more likely that the Brigade of Bad was a greater threat. Therefore, Flying Ferret plans to take them on before they enact whatever evil plan they’re hatching.

Powers: Flying Ferret has demonstrated that he has varying levels of superhuman strength.  The level of this strength is based on the amount of rest he has had and the level of anger he can be driven to.   It has been shown that the angrier the Flying Ferret gets, the larger he grows.  It is believed that the para-dimensional particles in his body add this body mass to him, and empower him.  He has demonstrated incredible resistance to pressure, impact and strain.  The exact maximum level which Flying Ferret can attain is unknown, but he is believed not to be more powerful than Mr. Superior.  Flying Ferret has demonstrated incredible small bursts of quickness, such as catching the hand of the super-speedster, Windcutter.

Flying Ferret has picked up some mish-mash of martial arts training from Pierre Marchand.

Flying Ferret seems to also have some connection with the dream world, which has not been fully explored yet, and may be tied to his need for sleep.

Weaknesses: If Flying Ferret does not rest properly, his powers begin to wane.  Originally, Flying Ferret believed that continued “venom” from the Flying Ferret was what he needed to maintain his power, but that was explained by the strange figure in his dreams.  As long as Flying Ferret is rested, his powers will grow, but weakened, he will lose his super strength and physique, reverting to his 98 lb. frame.