Captain Wondrouscaptain-wondrous
a.k.a. “The Old Man”
Real Name: Captain Maurice Spudd (retired)
First Appearance: Flying Ferret #3
Maurice Spudd was already enlisted in the military before the onset of WWII. He proudly served alongside General Public, his superior in the battle against the Nazi armies. Maurice Spudd was on battle lines when he was separated from his platoon during a German ambush. Spudd was cornered in an abandoned building, even though he managed to kill several Germans with his own hands, Spudd was still horribly outnumbered. Spudd fell through the floor and into the basement of the building whereupon he discovered a globe with swirling energy inside of it. Spudd felt compelled to shatter the globe and an vaporous, glowing energy surrounded him. It revealed to him that it was the “spirit of justice” and would join with him to fight back the Germans, endowing Spudd with great power. Spudd agreed and was transformed into Captain Wondrous.
With his amazing powers, Captain Wondrous called upon them to battle evil, including his one nemesis, the cruel and cunning commander of the Bratverian armies, General Fartonov. After defeating the Bratverian nation and imprisoning them, Captain Wondrous returned to the states after the war and became Megothamopolis’ main protector. Captain defeated the likes of Speed Bandit, The Iron Juggernaut, The Sun Giant, and during the cold war killed Russian’s number one KGB assassin, the Red Mauler.
Even though Captain Wondrous did not age, time was taking its toll on Maurice Spudd. Due to the lack of energy, arthritis, and his lumbago, Spudd transformed into Wondrous less until about twenty years ago Captain Wondrous virtually disappeared from the public. In the meantime, Spudd has been a regular at Megothamopolis’ main park, where if a superhero actually figured out who he was, would grant them advice, or just bore them with stories of his past glories.
Flying Ferret was one such up and coming superhero, and wasn’t immune to Spudd’s prattling. At first, Flying Ferret didn’t realize who Spudd was, even threatening to assault him before Morpho stepped in and stopped him and revealed Spudd’s alternate identity. Flying Ferret’s better sense coming to him, refrained from hitting Spudd. Spudd gave advice to Flying Ferret whether he wanted it or not. Strangely, some of the advice worked for Flying Ferret. Some did not work so well.
After losing his powers, Flying Ferret encountered Spudd again in the park where he originally found him. Though Maurice assured Flying Ferret that his powers may returned, Flying Ferret wasn’t so easily convinced. At that moment, three members of the Brigade of Bad appeared at the park and challenged Maurice, revealing to him that they knew his alter ego. Undaunted, Maurice transformed into his superhero form and fought the three villains, proving to be more than a match for them.
However, when Maurice reverted to his human form, the change and excitement from the battle proved too much for the elderly man’s human heart, and Maurice Spudd died. The Spirit of Justice separated from Spudd’s buddy. Flying Ferret pleaded with the Spirit to join with him to battle the supervillains who had recovered from the battle (and would certainly squash him if they found him), but the Spirit declined, glad to be rid of a life of geriatric boredom. The Spirit vanished, free at last.
Whether the legacy of Captain Wondrous will continue on remains to be seen.
Powers: Captain Wondrous, as his name implies, has a wide range of wondrous powers. Most notably is his incredible strength, of the limits which are unknown. He has an incredible resistance to impacts and pressure. The Spirit of Justice has also granted Wondrous a costume that can also withstand the same levels of wear and tear. Captain Wondrous is capable of flight, again, his top speed is unknown. It’s been quoted that he can appear and reappear in places in a “blink of an eye.”