Brigade of Bad
First Appearance: Flying Ferret #19
The Brigade of Bad was formed by the villain known as Johnny Plaid to bring down the superheroes of Megothamopolis and exert control and fear over its populace.  They’ve established a base in the mountains on the outskirts of Megothamopolis, accessible only by flight or secret entrances.
Johnny Plaid
Johnny Plaid’s true identity and how he attained his strange, physical appearance are steeped in mystery.  What is known is that he has been operating out of his used car lot to further his plans of domination.  Johnny Plaid has been driving around Megothamopolis in his lemon-shaped car, seeking out superheroes and using his powers of persuasion to end their careers.  Plaid has been very successful in his plans, even persuading the famous General Public (q.v.) to take a vacation from his superheroing, and convincing Windcutter that his efforts were pointless.
Johnny has gathered together several supervillains to form the organization.  It is not known if he had used his powers of persuasion, or simply the attraction of working together to a common goal was enough to draw them together.
Johnny Plaid also seemed to be in contact with some ulterior group through some outdated technology. It appeared they were the true figures pulling the strings on The Brigade of Bad.  Johnny had to communicate with this unknown organization to deal with the infiltration of Flying Ferret and the Camp Brillo superheroes.
Johnny also used the Augmentor to enhance his own persuasive powers. He used them to influences the infiltrators to do the hokey-pokey into a pit, but the Flying Ferret proved unaffected by Johnny’s abilities and knocked him out with one punch.
After the quantum explosion, Johnny’s current state and whereabouts are unknown.
Powers: Johnny Plaid has the unique ability to persuade those he speaks to into doing what he suggests.  It is not known how far he can push his victims or if they can even harm themselves.  It appears so far that his suggestions are benign, but enough to cripple the career of a superhero.
Johnny’s powers were temporarily enhanced by the Augmentor, giving him stronger influence and control over more individuals.  The exact range of Johnny’s powers is unknown

Deathwind’s past is steeped in mystery.  Deathwind was incapacitated by Captain Wondrous when he blew him into a bottle.  Deathwind is currently incarcerated at Camp Brillo.  It appears Deathwind was an important component to the takeover of Megothamopolis.
Powers: He appears as a dark cloud of noxious gas that is powerful enough to kill those he envelopes.  It is not known if the mask that accompanies the cloud is a device to control his vaporous form or simply a psychological tool against his foes.

Amok is the muscle of the group.  His past is also unknown. As Amok was caught in the quantum explosion, his current state is unknown.
Powers: Amok is incredibly strong, but apparently not to the levels of Captain Wondrous who single-handedly defeated him.  Amok apparently is resistant to incredible forces and pressure.

Dr. Dinosaur
Dr. Dinosaur was a biochemist/geneticist who discovered some incredible transforming device that could alter his form into various dinosaur forms.
Powers: Dr. Dinosaur derives his abilities from the monocle he wears.  The device allows him to transform into virtually any dinosaur form he can imagine.  It is not known if the creatures he transforms into are truly dinosaurs or facsimiles of those creatures. Dr. Dinosaur has been witnessed to transform into a T-Rex, a pterodactyl and a half-human/half-stegosaurus creature.  Dr. Dinosaur has all the destructive strength and ferocity these creatures possess.
It also has been revealed that Dr. Dinosaur was capable of laying eggs, and created an as yet-unseen group of dinosaur-like beings.  It is presumed that Dr. Dinosaur and his squad escaped the quantum explosion.
Weakness: The removal of the monocle reverts Dr. Dinosaur to his human form.

Blimp has the ability to expand his body form into a floating, gaseous form which he uses to transport his teammates.  However, the thinness of his suit when it expands and the fact that he “goes commando” tends to reveal more than his teammates would like to see.
Powers: Blimp has the ability to expand to a large blimp-like form, of what maximum size he can reach is unknown.  Blimp has the ability to move his body in the form as well, but how is not known.  Blimp is also incredibly resilient, able to take considerable pounding.

The Forget-Master would be a well known super-villain if it weren’t for his extraordinary powers.  How Forget-Master got this ability is unknown, or maybe someone knew before, but Forget-Master made him forget. Forget-Master has been the nemesis of The Blue Bow for a considerable time.  Blue Blow always had an immunity to Forget-Master’s abilities until recently when they were augmented through unknown means.  The Forget-Master used this expanded power to render Blue Bow completely amnesiac.
Forget-Master was shot in his forehead gem (which appears to be the source or foci of his power) which shattered.  Forget-Master imploded, but but not before exclaiming he did not want to be forgotten.  The moment after he disappeared, Blue Bow appeared to forget what he had fired at.
Powers: It is not known if Forget-Master’s powers are a mutation, mystical or simply some device he has crafted or gained to render those he encounters forgetful.  Mostly, Forget-Master makes them forget about his encounter with him and the crime he committed, but with his recent encounter with Blue Bow, he’s demonstrated the ability to completely wipe out full identities.

Not much is known about the Starfish.  What is known is that he currently holding the semi-superhero known as “Party Pooper” in captivity, which is very difficult as the Party Pooper has the ability to get out of almost any situation.
Starfish and his dupes appeared to have vanished in the quantum explosion, current states unknown.
Powers: Starfish has demonstrated the ability to split off clones of himself, each containing his exact memory, powers and experiences.  Any time he merges with any clones or simply touches them, he gains whatever knowledge they’ve learned.  Starfish has hundreds of his clones, which are used as guards around the secret headquarters.  Starfish is strong, resilient and resistant to most pressures and impacts.  The full extent of his abilities have not been seen yet.
Equipment: Starfish appears to have “Starfish Jets” which has housed at the B.O.B. Headquarters, but may have his own secret hideout to store his jets.

Momma Longlegs
Momma Longlegs’ past is uknown, however, she has hinted at connections to people inside The Peepers, gaining information on superheroes, and using that information to defeat them.
Momma Longlegs appeared to vanish in the quantum explosion, her current state and condition unknown.
Powers: She has the ability to alter her appearance, though she has only appeared as one individual, Maggie, a co-therapist at Daredeviled-Ham’s counseling services. Whether this is just a disguise or her real appearance, or that her real is Maggie is unknown. Momma Longlegs has also shown she can stretch her limbs to incredible lengths.  Her claws are also tipped with a poison that can paralyze victims.  She poisoned Silkworm-Man as well as The Incredible Sock’s alter ego.

Notes: Other members of B.O.B. have included Laughtor and short-lived member, Bee-O-Tron, but it appears they are always open to new villainous members who have a common goal in defeating superheroes and willing to work with a team.