Blue BowBlue-Bow-230x300
Real Name: Unknown
Known Relatives: Crimson Arrowhead (father, deceased), Jeff (brother), (Other Brothers, unnamed)
Affiliations: None
First Appearance: Flying Ferret #5
Blue Bow would be a well-known superhero in Megothamopolis if it weren’t for his arch-nemesis, the Forget Master.  Blue Bow and his brothers were trained by the famous golden-age superhero, The Crimson Arrowhead.  Armed with a similar arsenal as his father and brothers, they attempted to curb the level crime in the inner city.  Blue Bow felt he needed more assistance in his endeavor, and unlike his father or brothers, he hired a sidekick from Sidekick, Inc.  Unfortunately, Blow Bow’s sidekick, Little Bow, was one of the few sidekicks who fell through the cracks in Sidekick Inc’s filtering process and apparently had issues with under-aged drinking, or so he thought.
What it actually was was a ploy by a few sidekicks who were looking to get out of their side-kicking duties and go to the mall.  Blue Bow fell for this ploy and went on adventuring on his own.  Unfortunately, he came into contact with his foe, Forget Master, and augmented Forget Master and Blue Bow, who is usually immune to Forget Master’s power, fell to his spell.
When Flying Ferret returned to Megothamopolis to recruit other heroes to battle the Brigade of Bad, he was attacked by three super-powered thugs who were attacking a strange out-time person.  Flying Ferret wasn’t completely “powered-up” and was not holding his own against them.  Fortunately, Blue Bow appeared and killed all three attackers.   Blue Bow did not immediately recognized Flying Ferret, but soon regained his memory and agreed to join Flying Ferret to Camp Brillo.  Blue Bow, due to his memory wipe, could not remember other superheroes to join them, but this jogged Flying Ferret’s memory of being handed a wedding invitation meant for Blue Bow.  They went to the church and recruited the rehabilitated Dead End Gang, plus the venerable Liberator.
After the wedding, they discovered the Ferret-mobile, which Flying Ferret took, and Ferret gave Blue Bow the matching blue motor bike he commandeered from Ms. Armageddon. Pleased at the gift, Blue Bow drove on ahead to Camp Brillo while Flying Ferret went to search for the Rabid Rabbit.

Blue Bow joined Flying Ferret and several other superheroes on a mission to infiltrated the Brigade of Bad’s headquarters.  Blue Bow fought valiantly with the other superheroes, even taking out his old nemesis, the Forget-Master.  What has become of Blue Bow after the base’s quantum generator went critical is unknown.

Powers: It is believed that Blue Bow is a lower level augmented vigilante, similar abilities as his father before him and his brothers.  He has high-resistance to pain, pressure, heat and cold, and possesses an above-normal human strength.  Blue Bow has a highly-attuned vision, allowing him to hit the most difficult of targets.

Equipment: Blue Bow has many gimmicky, but effective arrows in his arsenal.  They include, but are not limited to:  gas arrows, stun arrows, flash-bang arrows, netting arrows, grappling arrows with ropes, flares, explosives, dividing arrows, punching arrows, boomerang arrows, and much, much more.