Group Affiliation: Formerly The Brigade of Bad
First Appearance: Flying Ferret #1
Bee-O-Tron is a small effeminate male of undetermined age with a genius intellect. Due to years of emotional abuse by his mother (especially for putting him in an all-girls school) and ridicule in school for his size and demeanor, decided to enact revenge upon the world. Using his vast knowledge in cybernetics and bio-engineering, Bee-O-Tron created his armies of plants and insects to promote his agenda of vengeance. Bee-O-Tron also constructed himself a cyborg exo-skeleton that amplifies his strength, gives him limited flight, and protects him from powerful forces (although, it does nothing to disguise his rather embarrassingly weak voice).
Operating from a massive Beehive base in the nearby mountains, Bee-O-Tron attempted to secure his reputation with an assault on an “augmented vigilante.” Sonni tried to convince Bee-O-Tron to take on “stronger targets” like Mr. Superior. But the thought of confronting the world’s greatest superhero was too much for the fledgling villain and he promptly vomited.
Bee-O-Tron opted for a “third level” vigilante, namely the Flying Ferret. However, Bee-O-Tron mistook the Edgar Allen Poe Park vigilante, Captain Bear-Naked for the brown-suited superhero.
Having been traumatized by taking a bath with the family dog when he was younger, Bee-O-Tron was stymied and easily getting his butt handed to him by the nude crimefighter. Bee-O-Tron’s co-horts, Sonni and Rose had no choice but to seek out the Flying Ferret to aid their master. Flying Ferret, feeling compelled to fulfill his superhero ethics, came to Bee-O-Tron’s rescue. Bee-O-Tron slinked out of the brawl while Flying Ferret took down Captain Bear-Naked.
While Bee-O-Tron recovered from the battle and rebuilt his cyber-suit (but still could do nothing about synthesizing his voice), he applied for membership to the Brigade of Bad (see Issue # 19) and gained it. Bee-O-Tron’s first assignment was to destroy The Flying Ferret.
Also, Bee-O-Tron lost his Beehive HQ to the eruption of Mt. Bidet.
Powers & Equipment: Bee-O-Tron has an extremely high intelligence. He’s an accomplished bio-engineer and cyberneticist. He created plant-like minions which include Sonni and Rose. He also built his exo-suit which gives him cybernetic strength and resistance to most impacts and pressures. He also designed built his Bee-1 Bomber, which amazingly flies on its tiny wings. Bee-O-Tron would be a formidable opponent if only he had more confidence.
Equipment: Bee-O-Tron built his own cyber-suit, which augments his strength and resistance to damage, impact, and environmental factors.  Although, the exact strength level of this suit are currently unknown as Bee-O-Tron has not actively engaged in combat, but certainly has taken a lot of punishment from the likes of Captain Bear Naked.
Weaknesses: Bee-O-Tron is trouble many issues in his past, most notably issues with his mother, which has given low self-esteem, lack of courage and confidence.  Bee-O-Tron can not be taken seriously by other supervillains as his high pitched voice can’t even be disguised by voice synthesizers.