Real Name: Anahlyst
Base of Operation:  Null Zone
First Appearance: Plan B # 326

When Mr. Gummybar of the group known as Plan B attempted to “jump start” Flying Ferret’s powers utilizing the Kirby-Simon field generator, it created a portal to another dimension, the Null Zone, unleashing a powerful being known as the Anahlyst.  The Anahlyst analyzed each of the superhumans present, deeming them all “useless” to him save for Mr. Gummybar’s pregnant wife, Reversible Woman.  The Anahlyst threatened to take her back to his dimension for breeding new superhuman warriors.  Plan B futilely fought back, leaving only the Flying Ferret to save her.  Using the Anahlyst’s battle stick, Flying Ferret “groined” the superbeing, and then threw the stick into the heart of the Kirby-Simon field, reversing its effect, and sending the Anahlyst back to his dimension, but not before the Anahlyst swore revenge upon the Flying Ferret.

Powers: The Anahlyst apparently possesses superhuman strength that surpasses that of the strong team member, Junk.  He also can exert powerful wind-like forces from his hands that extinguished the flames of Well-Done.  He also has detecting abilities, determining the strength and powers of those he meets.  Though armored (which appears to be natural), the Anahlyst was not protected enough in his groin region.

Equipment: The Anahlyst carried a battle rod which he did not use in his battle against Plan B, but the Flying Ferret was able to use against the dimensional creature.  What significance this device has to Anahlyst is unknown.