Real Name: Unknown
Known Relatives: Aunti-Gravity, June (Aunt)
Group Affiliation: (Charter member) Brigade of Bad
First Appearance: Flying Ferret #19
Who and how Amok got his powers are unknown, or if he was born that way.  Amok somehow got into the Brigade of Bad. Usually, one has to have to some wealth to join the group, and it is very likely that Amok is one such individual.  The only family known of is Amok’s aunt who goes by the name of Aunti-Gravity, so it is very possible that more than a couple members of Amok’s family possess superhuman abilities.
Amok’s first known mission with Brigade of Bad was to go with Blimp, Deathwind and Dr. Dinosaur to take down Captain Wondrous. They had figured that since Captain Wondrous was elderly, he would be an easier target. This proved wrong.  However, after Captain Wondrous had beaten the group, his human form passed away and the “Spirit of Justice” left the host body.  Amok and the rest, believing the powerless Flying Ferret to be Captain Wondrous “protege” were about to attack him when Flying Ferret II came out of nowhere and pounced on them.  Already suffering from their previous defeat, Amok, Blimp and Dr. Dinosaur made a hasty retreat with Flying Ferret on their heels.
Since the defeat, Amok has been aiding the Brigade of Bad in preparing for their take over of Megothamopolis.
Powers: Amok is a large, resilient superhuman strength and resistance to impact and pressure.  No other super powers have presented themselves.
Weaknesses:  Amok’s lack of a neck gives him a disadvantage in peripheral vision.  Captain Wondrous used this to his advantage.