Albino Minotaur
(Created by Axegrinder01 for the first “Create-a-villain” contest)AlbinoMin
Real Name: (First name unknown) Barnsworth
Known Relatives: Greg Barnsworth (alias Captain Bear Naked)
First Appearance: Flying Ferret Special Issue #1
The conditions of Albino Minotaur’s appearance is unknown or how he developed his hatred for humanity. It is surmised that, like his brother, made a pact with a demon for his powers and strength, but there is some speculation that he may have actually been born that way, a mutard. In fact, Albino Minotaur made this assertion himself.
The Albino Minotaur was first encountered on a farm on the outskirts of Megothamopolis where he demonstrated he had a psychic control over cattle. He chose the cattle of Virgil Brown because they had the most potent form of methane. Potent enough to create a devastating bomb! The Flying Ferret’s truck broke down not far from the farm and stumbled onto the insidious plot. Initially mistaking the Flying Ferret for his brother, he thought Captain Bear Naked had returned to join in on his plans of vengeance.
Not caring about Albino Minotaur’s plan, they fought and ultimately detonated the stored super-methane. In the aftermath, the Albino Minotaur had vanished, presumably destroyed in the blast.
Powers: The Albino Minotaur is superhumanly strong and resistant to impact and pressure. He is also keenly intelligent, enough to build a methane-collecting device to extract the gas from cattle and store in the converted silo. Albino Minotaur has also demonstrated an ability to control cattle, commanding them to do his bidding. Cattle under his control have red, glowing eyes.
Equipment: The Albino Minotaur carried a war hammer which he used effectively against opponents. Whether this hammer was a focus for his power or a gift from a possible demon he made the pact with, or just something he picked up at a flee market is unknown.