The Comic

A spoof comic about The Flying Ferret, a superhero with a mysterious past (don’t they all?), who must make his own mark in a city filled with many other superheroes, has-been, coulda-beens, and shouldn’t-be’s. He does it all: falls in love, has coffee, does his laundry, puts up with his alien roommate, pays his rent (most of the time), but most of all battles evil… if he can find it. The comic has been compared to The Tick, but that’s not a bad thing, right? Right?

The Creator

Doug Curtis and his brother made home-made comics when they were younger, dreaming of making comics for a living. That worked out…not. Of course, real life shoved all those dreams aside and he had to provide for a family. He’s not bitter… nooo… he gets to make this awesome Flying Ferret comic now. Doug is a graphic designer for a small print and t-shirt shop. He has far too many pets, four lovely daughters and a wife who is very disappointed he never became as rich or famous as Stan Lee (and not as sexy as him either), but she’ll have to live with it.

Doug illustrated for Kenzer & Co’s Hackmaster RPG. (And he’s not bitter; he even had a 3-issue limited comic series SpaceHack) printed by them. He draws caricatures on the side and plays table top RPG when he finds the time.

His brother, Ross, has also contributed to the comic, most notably the character of “Rabid Rabbit.” And has helped out with story ideas, contributed characters, done artwork and coloring duties. Thank you SO much bro, for all your help!